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The Washingtonian - April 23, 2015
The actor made himself a thing in Washington long before "House of Cards." Here's how... Read More »
Gotham Magazine - Late Spring 2015 Issue
With 'House of Cards', Kevin Spacey helped change the way we watch TV. Now he wants to change the way we look at the planet... Read More »
New York Post - October 10, 2014
There I was in September 1979 at the corner of 55th Street and Seventh Avenue, a few days before my first classes at the Juilliard School of Drama... Read More »
RogerEbert.com - May 5, 2014
After winning two Oscars in relatively short succession, Kevin Spacey left Hollywood. He moved to London, became Artistic Director of the Old Vic, and starred in a production there every year... Read More »
New York Observer - April 30, 2014
Last month on a warm night at a Park Avenue gala for the Museum of the Moving Image, President Frank Underwood took the stage alongside a rogue's gallery of famously lovable creeps, from Denis Leary and Samuel L. Jackson to Michael Bloomberg... Read More »
The Hollywood Reporter - April 02, 2014
In the desert with the two-time Oscar winner as he explains why he won't play Johnny Carson in the NBC miniseries ("Would be too marshmallow"), follows tennis star Andy Murray and what's next (hint: singing)... Read More »
The Baltimore Sun - February 08, 2014
The star and executive producer still finds inspiration in Shakespeare, theater, mentor Jack Lemmon... Read More »
The Wall Street Journal - January 30, 2014
Kevin Spacey discusses the new season of 'House of Cards,' TV's new business model and whether he has political aspirations... Read More »
British GQ Magazine - July 3, 2013
Naturally when GQ put Andy Murray on the cover of our July issue we spoke to the usual suspects. After Murray's victory over Fernando Verdasco at Wimbledon, we discuss with Kevin Spacey the similarities of performing on stage and on court... Read More »
Variety - June 14, 2013
Kevin Spacey lives with "House of Cards" through a stack of his own cards, which are peppered with lines and directions. "My cards are my routine," Spacey explains after another 12 hours on the set of the Netflix series, which shoots in Baltimore... Read More »
Boom! - June 2, 2013
Even though Kevin Spacey is only 53 (born July 26, 1959), he seems to have been around for forever... Read More »
Capital File Magazine - April 24, 2013
Kevin Spacey can do ruthless like no one else. Faraway eyes. A crooked grin. A soft voice spewing cutting words and a trove of diabolical actions... Read More »
The Telegraph - January 12, 2012
Kevin Spacey talks to David Gritten about his new film 'Margin Call, remaking 'House of Cards' and the adulation of theatre crowds... Read More »
The Wall Street Journal - December 1, 2011
Kevin Spacey brings Shakespeare to the world with "Richard III," his crowning moment as the artistic director and star of London's Old Vic Theatre... Read More »
The Telegraph - June 25, 2011
Kevin Spacey tells Sarah Crompton about leaving the Old Vic, and how a famous friend advised him to tackle Richard III... Read More »
The Globe and Mail - February 2, 2011
In person, celebrities tend to ride the aura that surrounds them. They sit back and wait to be entertained by questions. Kevin Spacey seems intent on undermining all that... Read More »
Poison Ivy - December 20, 2010
Kevin Spacey's latest role - portraying former lobbyist and convicted felon Jack Abramoff in the forthcoming Casino Jack - scored him a Golden Globe nomination last week... Read More »
TonightattheMovies - December 15, 2010
Casino Jack. Spacey talks the corruption of our political system, the late George Hickenlooper, adding Dolph Lundgren to his repertoire, and living in London... Read More »
The Los Angeles Times - December 2, 2010
Kevin Spacey has earned accolades and two Oscars for nailing the nuances of characters who might otherwise seem simply reprehensible. Now he's upping the ante playing real-life criminal and former lobbyist Jack Abramoff... Read More »
Spectator - October 23, 2010
The question I'm most often asked is this. How did I end up living and working in south London instead of doing what most reasonably successful movie actors tend to do sitting around a kidney-shaped swimming pool in Beverly Hills, sipping cocktails and collecting cheques... Read More »
Channel News Asia - March 15, 2010
Very few people know Kevin Spacey as a theatre actor. Most remember him as the a depressed middle-aged man who turns his life around in Sam Mendes' 1999 film "American Beauty", which also earned him an Oscar for Best Actor... Read More »
Sky News - October 1, 2009
Kevin Spacey says his mind is not just on acting but on fixing The Old Vic theatre, as the star launches his latest play 'Inherit The Wind' begins tonight at the theatre near Waterloo train station, which is nearly two hundred years old... Read More »
Examiner.com - July 23, 2009
You can take actor out of the theater but you can't take the theater out of the actor. Kevin Spacey (who counts two Academy Awards and a Tony Award among his slew of honors) has been highly regarded as one of the best in the business, and he's never forgotten his love of theater... Read More »
New Statesman - March 19, 2009
In these turbulent times, arts and culture are crucial, not only to our well-being, but to economic recovery. We neglect them at our peril, argues the actor and Old Vic director ... Read More »
Playbill News - March 9, 2009
Academy and Tony Award winner Kevin Spacey will be presented with The Eugene O'Neill Theater Center's Monte Cristo Award April 26 at a gala dinner held at Bridgewaters South Street Seaport in New York City... Read More »
The Vancouver Sun - January 23, 2009
Complicity and responsibility are two concepts that have the power to create a unique moral dynamo, and after spending 15 minutes with Kevin Spacey, you can almost hear the hum of his creative engine tapping into its possibilities... Read More »
Times Online - May 9, 2009
It's not charity or empty philanthropy. It's an investment in jobs and our collective soul... Read More »
The Independent - October 2, 2008
Kevin Spacey is getting political with a TV drama about the Bush vs Gore election in 2000. But don't count on a happier ending, he tells Benji Wilson... Read More »
Los Angeles Times - September 17, 2008
KEVIN SPACEY and Denis Leary have a history of reunions. On this midsummer day, the two have gathered at HBO's Manhattan offices to talk about their work on the Emmy-nominated television film 'Recount'... Read More »
www.telegraph.co.uk - June 12, 2008
Kevin Spacey, the Hollywood actor and theatre director, has been appointed as a visiting professor at Oxford University... Read More »
The Improper Bostonian - June 2, 2008
You look a little tired in your new movie. Have you been getting enough sleep... Read More »
American Way Magazine - March 2008
Kevin Spacey manages to simultaneously run a theater in London and make films -- such as his new movie, 21 -- in the United States. How can he succeed at both? HE'S KEVIN SPACEY, THAT'S HOW... Read More »
Times Online - March 31, 2008
Perhaps we're still not sure what to make of Kevin Spacey here in the UK. A two-time Oscar-winning A-list actor settles in south London to battle against hostile critics and rebuild a tottering theatre... Read More »
Film Monthly - March 23, 2008
He's an Oscar winner, a film producer, artistic director of London's Old Vic and a major Hollywood player... Read More »
Mail Online - March 18, 2008
Gwyneth Paltrow spent last night dining with pop royalty and today she mingled with the Prince of Wales at a charity event in London... Read More »
New York Times - September 18, 2007
Following an article in Esquire magazine that dealt with the sexuality of the actor Kevin Spacey, an executive at the William Morris talent agency announced yesterday that he would discourage his colleagues from cooperating with Esquire in the future... Read More »
Gotham Magazine - May 2007
Kevin Spacey riffs on the scary side of fame, his decision to answer each and every fan letter, and why he lets people gossip... Read More »
Hossli.com - April 2007
His successes on the silver screen have brought him two Oscars. But for four years now, American actor Kevin Spacey's main line of business has been that of theatre director in London... Read More »
www.telegraph.co.uk - September 10, 2006
Kevin Spacey, the Hollywood actor, is to stay on as artistic director of the Old Vic for another nine years, backed by government support for the historic venue... Read More »
Player - July/August 2006
Juggling dual roles as Lex Luthor in 'Superman Returns' and the artistic director of the Old Vic Theatre Company in London, the two time Academy Award winner surfs a fine line between movie star and classic stage actor... Read More »
Enough Rope - July 10, 2006
Nobody talks about the plumber's plumber, you never hear about the undertaker's undertaker - but there is such a thing as the actor's actor... Read More »
New York Times - May 29, 2006
Between the relentless public attention and the sometimes scathing reviews, Kevin Spacey has had a rough year and a half as artistic director at the Old Vic Theater... Read More »
The Stage - May 22, 2006
If Kevin Spacey is feeling under pressure, he is doing a very good job of hiding the fact... Read More »
Londen SE1 - November 11, 2005
Old Vic artistic director Kevin Spacey and Bishop of Southwark Tom Butler were among those awarded honorary degrees by London South Bank University at Southwark Cathedral this week... Read More »
60 Minutes II - December 8, 2004
Kevin Spacey is full of surprises. Because of his enormous range as an actor, he can play both serious and goofy, romantic and evil... Read More »
USA Today - September 16, 2004
Those who have caught festival screenings of Kevin Spacey's Beyond the Sea, a splish-splashy musical fantasia based on the life of pop crooner Bobby Darin, are singing the praises of the vocal prowess of the two-time Oscar winner.... Read More »
Film Monthly - April 2004
He's a double Oscar-winner and one of the best-connected people in Britain. And though he hit the headlines last week, he can still dine unrecognised in the West End. David Smith on the enigmatic Kevin Spacey... Read More »
Movieline - February 2003
Everyone knows Kevin Spacey is a smart actor - you can tell from his choices. But few know what he's like in real life. Here he gives us a crash course in all things Kevin - from the actors who've inspired him and the hollywood friends he keeps to the types of bars he enjoys and the traveling he's done with Bill Clinton... Read More »
Seattle Post - February 18, 2003
As an actor, Kevin Spacey is famous for his chameleonlike ability to segue -- often within the same scene -- between the mundane and the spectacular, to both sink into the woodwork and fill the screen with his presence, to be ordinary as oatmeal and radiate a charisma potent enough to eat through a steel plate... Read More »
BBC News - February 6, 2003
Actor Kevin Spacey has promised to appear on stage and bring in big-name talent in his new role as director of London's Old Vic theatre company... Read More »
CNET News - November 11, 2002
The Academy Award-winning star has launched a web site called TriggerStreet.com in an effort to create an online community to shine a spotlight on lesser-known creative works... Read More »
Entertainment Weekly - January 4, 2002
Whenever you heard Jack Lemmon talk about acting he would say it's about what happens to the audience, not about what happens to the actor. He saw acting as important. He adored his craft. He called it a glorious profession. A noble profession. One which was unique in that an actor can move an audience. Can move a person. That an actor can actually change people... Read More »
The Register - November 2001
Movie actor Kevin Spacey has lost a landmark court battle over ownership of www.kevinspacey.com... Read More »
Film Monthly - October 2001
Two-time Oscar winner Kevin Spacey has that uncanny ability to hide behind every screen portrayal, that we rarely get a repeat of a Spacey performance... Read More »
The New York Times - March 27, 2000
Capping what many regard as among the strongest recent years in motion pictures, ''American Beauty'' took home five Oscars tonight, including best picture... Read More »
The New York Times - March 12, 2000
AFTER Kevin Spacey received a best-actor nomination for his performance in ''American Beauty,'' he sat down to compare notes with the two-time Oscar winner and eight-time nominee Jack Lemmon (who brought along his dog Chloe)... Read More »
The Sunday Times Magazine - December 19, 1999
He's had his fill of playing the sociopath, but Kevin Spacey is still acting up. Is he turning the tables on Tinseltown... Read More »
Playboy - October 1999
A candid conversation with the unusual suspect about his days as a stand-up comic, why money doesn't matter and how the media use and abuse celebrities... Read More »
Salon.com - September 10, 1999
Answering the cheesy 1997 Esquire cover story "Kevin Spacey Has a Secret" in the current Playboy, Spacey declares that the rumor that he's gay "is not true. It's a lie"... Read More »
The New York Times - January 1, 1999
Kevin Spacey describes his career strategy straightforwardly: 'In life, you have to make your own fate'... Read More »
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QuoteI find it sad that by not talking about who I sleep with, that makes me mysterious. There was a time when I would have been called a gentleman.Quote -- Kevin Spacey, Los Angeles Magazine, October 1999
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