Beyond the Sea Poster
Beyond the Sea
Theatrical Poster

Release Date: December 17, 2004 (USA)

Director: Kevin Spacey

MPAA Rating: PG-13

Genre: Musical Drama

Running Time: 118 minutes

Box Office: $7,061,637 Worldwide Gross

Plot Summary:

Kevin Spacey produced, directed, and co-wrote the screenplay, as well as took on the starring role for this biopic based on the life and career of legendary entertainer Bobby Darin.

During Bobby Darin's short, 14-year career he won two Grammys, sold millions of records, was nominated for an Academy Award, performed regularly on television, sang in all the most popular venues, and was married to teen superstar Sandra Dee. In other words, he had it all, except time. His heart had been weakened by a childhood bout of rheumatic fever and at the time he was told that he would not live past the age of 15. Living every day with one foot in the grave and the other on a banana peel, gave his supernova of a career a sense of urgency that drove him until the day he died at 37 in late 1973.

It is this driven, tenacious spirit that Spacey, who plays Darin, captures in 'Beyond the Sea'. Instead of approaching the picture as a straight biography, he does something altogether more satisfying by covering all of Darin's hits from "Mack the Knife" to the eponymous 'Beyond the Sea' and crooning the hits himself. He focuses on the essential part of Darin's life, his musical career. And this is where the power of 'Beyond the Sea' is found in the recreations of Darin's stage act and in several wonderfully surreal musical sequences, including a brilliant piece depicting Darin's wooing of Sandra Dee (Kate Bosworth) and a piece at the end in which the adult Darin, who is telling the story of his life to his juvenile self, dances and performs a duet with the boy.

"Spacey is a pretty amazing Bobby Darin. However many years older he is than he should be for the part, he's got all the moves down cold, he's incredibly vibrant and his voice is astonishingly like Darin's --- to the point it's difficult to believe it's not Darin himself." -- Artist Spotlight, March 2007

"I made the movie because I wanted to make the movie, and I made the movie I wanted to make. If it's successful, if it brings me success, if it brings all kinds of attention great, because you know why, maybe that will turn the spotlight back onto Bobby Darin, and that's the whole reason I did it. I'm going out on a concert tour because I want to absolutely reach the widest possible audience I can. I made the movie PG-13 so that I could reach the widest possible audience I can, because he's largely been forgotten, and he was, without question, one of the greatest entertainers we ever had, and because he died young, and because he changed, because he didn't always be the Bobby Darin they wanted him to be, I think that had a detrimental effect on his legacy." -- Kevin Spacey, IGN Entertainment, December 15, 2004

Main Cast
Kevin Spacey - Bobby Darin
Kate Bosworth - Sandra Dee
John Goodman - Steve Blauner
Bob Hoskins - Charlie Cassotto Maffia
Brenda Blethyn - Polly Cassotto
Greta Scacchi - Mary Duvan
Caroline Aaron - Nina Cassotto Maffia
Peter Cincotti - Dick Behrke
Michael Byrne - Dr. Andretti
Matt Rippy - David Gershenson
Gary Whelan - Jules Podell
William Ullrich - Little Bobby
Award Nominations
Hollywood Foreign Press Association - 2005
Award: Golden Globe
Category Nominated
Best Performance by an Actor Kevin Spacey
Broadcast Film Critics Association Awards 2005
Critics Choice Award
Category Nominated
Best Soundtrack  
Best Young Actor William Ullrich
Grammy Awards 2006
Category Nominated
Best Cinematography Conrad L. Hall
Best Compilation Soundtrack Album for Motion Picture Kevin Spacey,
Phil Ramone (Producer)
Motion Picture Sound Editors, USA 2006
Golden Reel Award
Category Nominated
Best Sound Editing Andrew Glen
QuoteBobby Darin was about the coolest cat who ever walked the face of the earth.Quote -- Kevin Spacey
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