Superman Returns Poster
Superman Returns
Theatrical Poster

Release Date: June 28, 2006 (USA)

Director: Bryan Singer

MPAA Rating: PG-13

Genre: Action

Running Time: 154 minutes

Box Office: $391,120,000 Worldwide Gross

The Man of Steel returns to the big screen with this continuation of the icon's film legacy that picks up after the events of the first two Christopher Reeve films. Some time has passed since the events of Superman II and the world has gotten used to life without Superman (Brandon Routh) ever since his disappearance five years earlier.

Superman had left to try to find his former home world of Krypton after astronomers supposedly found it. When he finds nothing but remnants, he returns home to Earth to find that Lois Lane is engaged to a relative of his boss and now has a son of questionable paternity. Meanwhile, the arch-villain Lex Luthor vows vengeance against the Man of Steel and contrives a new sinister plot using crystals he stole from the Fortress of Solitude, to create a new continent and submerge the USA.

Upon learning of Luthor's sinister scheme, Superman must again race against time to stop the psychopathic Luthor before millions - possibly billions - are killed. Can Superman save humanity? Does humanity still have faith in him?

"For Lex and Superman, I think it's always been from the comics to the films it's always been about mind over muscle. That's what we have in this film. . . with some twists. " -- Kevin Spacey, WIZARD Magazine, February 2006

Main Cast
Brandon Routh - Clark Kent/Superman
Kevin Spacey - Lex Luthor
Kate Bosworth - Lois Lane
James Marsden - Richard White
Frank Langella - Perry White
Kal Penn - Riley
Sam Huntington - Jimmy Olsen
Eva Marie Saint - Martha Kent
Parker Posey - Kitty Koslowski
Peta Wilson - Bobbie Faye
Award Nominations
Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences -2006
Award: Oscar
Category Nominated
Best Visual Effects Neil Corbould,
Richard Hoover,
Mark Stetson, Jon Thum
Art Directors Guild Awards 2006

Category Nominated
Best Art Direction, Fantasy Film Guy H. Dyas
British Academy of Film and Television Arts 2006
Category Nominated
Best Visual Effects Mark Stetson
Motion Picture Sound Editors, USA 2006
Golden Reel Award
Category Nominated
Best Sound Editing Andrew Glen
QuoteYes, well, we can thank the Man of Steel for that. I mean, he's really good at swooping in and catching the bad guys, but he's not so hot at the little things, like Miranda rights, due process. Quote -- Lex Luthor
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