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Kevin Spacey's Trigger Street

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Kevin and George Clooney
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Kevin Spacey
and Dana Brunetti
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Kevin Spacey
Trigger Street Productions

Trigger Street Productions is an entertainment production company formed in 1997 by Kevin Spacey and his producing partner Dana Brunetti. The company's credits include Captain Phillips, Shakespeare High, The Social Network, 21, Shrink, Fanboys, the Emmy-nonimated Bernard and Doris, Emmy-nominated Recount, and Emmy-nominated House of Cards, as well as stage productions of The Iceman Cometh and Cobb.

The name "Trigger Street" is a reference to an actual street in Spacey's boyhood home of Chatsworth, where Roy Rogers, Dale Evans, and Roy's horse Trigger had their ranch.

"I didn't grow up on it. I lived near it, but one of my best friends did live on it. And we had always dreamed about building a theater on Trigger Street. We were going to call it the Trigger Street Theatre. So when it was time to name my company, I thought back to those days and Trigger Street was born." -- Kevin Spacey, Venice Magazine, November 2004

Trigger Street Labs was developed by Dana Brunetti and launched in 2002 as an online community for unrepresented writers and filmmakers. It proved immensely popular in its first few years, with thousands of online users uploading their work, reviewing work by their peers and participating in online competitions and short film festivals.

Jameson First Shot Logo

Jameson First Shot Jameson First Shot was established to look for outstanding writer/directors to enter annual competitions where they are offered an incredible opportunity; a 'first shot' in the film industry to have their short film produced by Trigger Street Productions and to have the chance to direct such stars as Kevin Spacey, Willem Dafoe, and Uma Thurman in the leading role.

"We're not just giving an opportunity to somebody, but also trying to nurture them, trying to protect them, trying to give them as many resourceful tools, and a crew and a cast, to help them make their dream come true. And at the same time, help them learn what it's like to work with producers; to negotiate yourself in what's sometimes the treacherous waters of trying to make your dream happen on." -- Kevin Spacey, Moneyline with Lou Dobbs, October 18, 2002
Charlie Rose Interview, click to play

Watch the Charlie Rose Interview:
An interview with Kevin Spacey, November 13, 2002.

Kevin Spacey talks about his new web site,, which provides a forum for screenwriters and filmmakers to gain exposure for and feedback on their work. He also discusses his involvement in politics and his upcoming film about Bobby Darin.

"I've done incredibly well, and I've done incredibly well because the material I found early in my career was from first-time writers, first-time directors, first-time playwrights. If it weren't for that talent, I wouldn't have a career. If one person gets a break then it's been successful." --Kevin Spacey discusses Trigger Street, Marie Claire (UK), April 2003

QuoteIf we were doing this in the days before the Internet, we couldn't hire enough staff
to look through all the scripts.Quote -- Kevin Spacey, BBC News Online, November 26, 2002
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