Kevin Spacey Videos

Click to watch Charlie Rose - Aug 20, 2013
Kevin Spacey Talks
House of Cards, Charlie Rose
Aug 20, 2013
Click to play Charlie Rose, Kevin Spacey interview Jan 2012 video
Charlie Rose: Kevin Spacey
Richard III
January 04, 2012
Click to play Kevin Spacey's Richard III video
Kevin Spacey's 'Richard III'
The Old Vic Theatre
2011 - 2012
Kevin Spacey Speaking at the Nancy Hanks Lecture video
Speaking at the 24th Annual
Nancy Hanks Lecture
April 4, 2011
27:56 4:23 40:43 9:45
Kevin Spacey receives an honory CBE award
Kevin Spacey
Awarded an honory CBE
November 3, 2010
Click to play 'Leo and
Leo and Lisa
Short Film
October 26, 2010
Click to play Kevin Spacey 'Talk Asia' video
Talk Asia:
Kevin Spacey
March 10, 2010
Click to play 'Kevin Spacey explains Twitter to David Letterman' video
Kevin Spacey Tweets
with David Letterman
July 21, 2009
4:36 5:04 22:00 5:59
Click to play 'Behind the Scenes with Kevin Spacey' video
Behind the Scenes
at the Old Vic
April 24, 2009

Click to play Kevin Spacey 'Talk Asia' video
Backstage With Kevin
New York Post
April 24, 2009
Click to play Hollywood 411 Interview
Hollywood 411
Kevin Spacey: 21 Interview
March 27, 2008
Click to play May 2007 Charlie Rose Interview video
Charlie Rose: Kevin Spacey
'Moon for the Misbegotten'
May 2007
4:35 :41 9:45 19:53
Click to play Kevin's Speech
International Digital
Content Fair - Nov 2009
Madrid, Spain

Click to play 'Kevin Spacey Does Impersonations' video
Kevin Spacey's
Inside the Actor's Studio
Click to play 'Kevin Spacey's Lucky Break' video
Comedy Parkinson
Kevin Spacey's
Lucky Break
Click to play interview

Actor and Artistic Director interview
19:53 6:39 3:18 4:06
Click to play Kevin Spacey Sings John Lennon's 'Mind Games' video
9/11 Moments
Kevin Spacey sings
John Lennon, Mind Games
Click to play 'The Daily Show with John Steward and Kevin Spacey' video
The Daily Show
with John Stewart: Kevin Spacey Dec 13, 2004
Click to play 60 Minutes II Interview
Becoming Bobby Darin
60 Minutes II Interview
December 8, 2004
Click to play Kevin Spacey 'Enough Rope' video
Kevin Spacey
on impersonations & Bill Clinton
'Enough Rope'
5:30 4:23 :48 3:49
Click to play 'Beyond the Sea' video
Kevin Spacey sings
'Beyond the Sea'
as Bobby Darin
Click to play 'Mack The Knife' video
'Mack The Knife'
Kevin Spacey as Darin from 'Beyond the Sea'
Click to play 'As Long As I'm Singing' video
'As Long As I'm Singing'
Kevin Spacey
Bobby Darin
Click to play 'Simple Song of Freedom' video
'Simple Song of Freedom'
from 'Beyond the Sea'
4:48 3:02 4:10 3:14
Click to play 'SNL Star Wars Auditions' video
Kevin Spacey: SNL
Star Wars Auditions
Click to play September 30, 1999 Charlie Rose video
Charlie Rose: Kevin Spacey, 'American Beauty'
Sep 30, 1999
Click to play Kevin's Academy Award acceptance speach
Winning his Oscar for
'The Usual Suspects'
March 25, 1996
Click to play March 1, 1996 Charlie Rose video
Charlie Rose Interview: Kevin Spacey, 'The Usual Suspects'
March 1, 1996
1:58 52:13 3:18 25:22
QuoteIf you haven't turned rebel by twenty you've got no heart;
if you haven't turned establishment by thirty you've got no brains!Quote -- Kevin Spacey
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